Inadequate financial treatment, the French lower house speaker was formally investigated


French National Assembly Chairman Richard Ferrand’s office said today that Fei Hong was formally investigated yesterday because of improper financial treatment.

Fei Hong’s office stated that Fei Hong denied any illegality and would defend himself through the procedure. I am confident that the case will be revoked.

Fei Hong was formally investigated after he was interviewed earlier. Since Fei Hong was a close ally of President Emmanuel Macron, he was formally investigated, which may make Mark Hong quite embarrassing, and may also let Mark Hong say to clear it. The promise of French politics was examined again.

According to French law, a formal investigation means that there is “significant or consistent evidence” pointing to possible involvement in the crime.

This is a step toward trial, but many investigations will be withdrawn at the end and will not go to court.

The French prosecutor’s previous investigation of Feihong’s financial treatment was withdrawn at the end of 2017, during which Feihong resigned as minister.

Now Fei Hong is a member of parliament and leads the party of Mark Hong in the House of Commons. The latest investigation is similar to his previous case and is related to his management of a health insurance company in Brittany.

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