President of the country of Mexico and Trump meet to call for a safe third country agreement


Guatemala President Morales originally scheduled to meet with US President Trump in Washington tomorrow to discuss the signing of a secure third country agreement to assist passers-by Central American immigrants, but in the face of domestic Against the pressure, the country announced today that the summit has been postponed.

The statement pointed out that President Jimmy Morales originally scheduled to meet with US President Trump in Washington this week, and the meeting has been postponed until the Constitutional Court of Mexico decides on a secure third country agreement.

The statement stated that the country did not plan to sign such an agreement.

Agence France-Presse reported that Morales and Trump had scheduled to meet in Washington tomorrow.

Last week, five senior officials of the melon country called on the Constitutional Court to rule that the country should be prevented from signing a secure third country agreement with the United States.

According to the Security Third Country Agreement, Guatemala plays the role of a “safe third country” and is obliged to provide immigration shelter to the United States via the country. Many immigrants from Honduras or El Salvador now arrive in Mexico via Guatemala and then travel to the US border.

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