Sade loading exercise North Korean official media approved military provocation

Some North Korean media today unanimously issued a document criticizing the US military stationed in South Korea for the “Sade” anti-missile system loading exercise, and said that this is a military provocation to undermine the peaceful atmosphere of the Korean Peninsula. The South Korean government should also know how to advance and retreat. .

South Korea’s joint news agency reported that North Korea’s propaganda official media for South Korea “by our nation” wrote today that the terminal high-altitude defense system (THAAD) Sade missile-loading exercise at the Pyeongtae US military base was not easy to destroy the Korean peninsula. Military provocations in a peaceful atmosphere openly threaten and intimidate North Korea.

The official media also warned that the South Korean government’s blind hostility from the United States will have adverse consequences.

Another overseas propaganda website in North Korea, “Echo”, said in an article entitled “Sade’s Position Exercises Exposing the True Face of Peaceful Destroyer”, the US military pressure is becoming more and more explicit, igniting national and international public anger and threatening neighboring countries.

The North Korean Labor Party official newspaper “Labor News” also published political theory. It also pointed out that Russia believes that the US Sardean project in Romania is aimed at Russia, and Russia has continued to develop new weapons.

In addition, North Korea’s Peaceful Reunification Commission on April 25 referred to the downsizing of the Korea-US Air Force joint exercise, which also violated the military agreement signed by the two sides in Pyongyang, which may make South-North Korea relations difficult to recover.

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